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Yellowknife International Film Festival is back!

It's that time of year again! The Yellowknife International Film Festival is back! However, this year in support of the effort to keep our northern community safe, the YKIFF has gone fully virtual.

Thanks to the hard work by the YKIFF team, this year’s online film fest will be accessible to anyone in the country! All the films will be available to screen from the comfort of your own home from November 3rd to the 7th.

You can view a list of all available films here.

This year we are very proud to announce that the NWTRPA has entered a film to the festival! Paddling the Tsiigehnjiik by Director, Amos Scott.

Paddling the Tsiigehnjiik is a heart-warming film that follows twelve students from Chief Paul Niditchie School in Tsiigehtchic, NT as they canoe down their ancestral waterway with community knowledge holders and school staff. As the students make their way down the Tsiigehnjiik/Arctic Red River, they strengthen their relationships with their land, community, language, culture, and themselves. Paddling the Tsiigehnjiik will be featured as part of a collection of short films for the Outdoor Shorts program. These shorts are by various filmmakers that share interactions with the land and water. This short film program is sponsored by the NWT Recreation and Parks Association.

The Outdoor Shorts program will feature these short films:

Paddling the Tsiigehnjiik

On Pensive Waters

Tails on Ice

Blind Ambition: The WOP May Story

McNallie HydroFlight

Moosehide Slide If you haven't picked up your tickets already, here are the screening options for this year's Yellowknife International Film Festival:

All Access Pass: $75

Half Pass (6 Films): $40

Single Ticket (1 Film): $10

Single Ticket (Senior/Student): $8


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