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Paddling the Tsiigehnjiik is a heart-warming film that follows twelve students from Chief Paul Niditchie School in Tsiigehtchic, NT as they canoe down their ancestral waterway with community knowledge holders and school staff.


As the students make their way down the Tsiigehnjiik/Arctic Red River, they strengthen their relationships with their land, community, language, culture, and themselves.


Paddling the Tsiigehnjiik was featured at the 2021 Yellowknife International Film Festival.


This short film was sponsored by the NWT Recreation and Parks Association.

If you have a project and are looking for funding opportunities, please reach out to us!

The NWTRPA is committed to supporting community members in getting on the land. The NWT Recreation and Parks Association believes that spending time on the land is vital for building and strengthening healthy minds, bodies, families, and communities. Colonial policies, including residential schools, sought to remove Indigenous peoples from their territories and break their connection with the land. On the land programs are an important part of revitalizing cultures, languages, and traditions.

For more information about the NWTRPA’s on the land training,

advocacy, and networking opportunities, please contact

the On the Land Programs Consultant, David Brinston.


Phone: (867) 669-8376

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Paddling the Tsiigehnjiik

The NWTRPA is a resource for and champion of community-directed on the land programs. We support people who lead and support land-based programs through training, advocacy, and networking opportunities.

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