5 Reasons to Join the NWTRPA Board of Directors

Are you passionate about healthy families, strong cultures, and vibrant communities?

Do you want to get involved in advocating for and shaping the recreation and on the land sectors in the NWT?

Join our Board of Directors!

The NWT Recreation and Parks Association is a non-government organization that works with communities across the NWT to promote recreation by supporting leaders, communities, and partners through training, advocacy, and networking.

Need a little more convincing before considering a position on the Board?

Here are 5 reasons to join the NWTRPA Board of Directors:

  1. Gain valuable experience and an increased understanding of the territorial and national recreation and on the land sector.

  2. Make connections with fun, interesting, and passionate people across the NWT. (We may be a little biased, but our current Board Members, staff & networks are pretty awesome!)

  3. It’s an opportunity to engage in thought-provoking conversations, share your perspectives and ideas, and collaborate with a diverse group of people.

  4. Take your board volunteer experience to the next level! There are opportunities to travel, attend training, join specific steering committees, and attend the annual NWTRPA conference.

  5. Share your wisdom, knowledge, and experience to help steer the direction of the NWTRPA. The NWTRPA would benefit from your unique expertise!

“What Does the NWTRPA Board of Directors Do?”

  • Create and update policy

  • Monitor that policies are being followed by NWTRPA staff.

  • Complete tasks assigned to the Board outlined in organizational policy.

  • Report to the membership; being a member of the NWTRPA empowers recreation and parks leaders to voice their thoughts, ideas, and opinions on the sector to the board to use to guide their decision-making.

We are currently accepting nominations for the following Board positions:

  • President: 2-year term, can reside in any NWT community.

  • Sahtu Regional Director: 2-year term, must reside in K’áhbamį́túé/Colville Lake, Tulít’a, Tłegǫ́hłı̨/Norman Wells, Délı̨nę, or Rádeyı̨lı̨kóé/Fort Good Hope.

  • Director South Slave: 2-year term, must reside in Enterprise, Denı́nu Kų́ę́/Fort Resolution, Thebacha/Fort Smith, Kátł’odeeche, Hay River, or Łútsël K’é.

  • Director North Slave: 2-year term, must reside in Whatì, Wekweètì, Gamètì, Behchokǫ̀, N’Dılǫ, or T’èɂehdaà/Dettah.


  • Nominees must be residents of the NWT.

  • Nominees must be able to meet the time commitments of regularly attending board meetings.

  • Nominees must be NWTRPA members and must reside in the region that they are being nominated for.


  • Previous volunteer experience is considered an asset.

  • Experience in recreation, sport, and cultural activities is considered an asset.

  • Experience with finance, board governance, policy, and non-profit groups is considered an asset.

To Submit a Nomination

Nominees must be NWTRPA members and must reside in the region that they are being nominated for. Nominations MUST be received by 12 PM on October 5 (the day before the AGM).



Unsure if you or the nominee are a member?

Contact us at admin@nwtrpa.org for support!