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Elders in Motion

Through training and program support, Elders in Motion improves access to physical activity opportunities for

NWT Elders and seniors, while also working to

increase independence and functional mobility

for older adults.


Elders in Motion is a partnership program between the NWT Recreation and Parks Association, the Dene Nation, the Canadian Centre for Activity and Aging, with support from the NWT Seniors’ Society and the NWT Department of Health and Social Services.


Together we have developed a series of effective and medically sound training

programs fit for Northern communities.

Elders in Motion Training

The Elders in Motion Training Program offers a series of workshops and trainings for community leaders to facilitate safe and accessible exercise programming to community Elders, based on their communities’ needs.

Active Living Exercise Program

For Community Elders This 2-day training helps community leaders learn to run a physically active aging adults recreation program in their community. Includes 10 simple yet progressive exercises for aging adults.

Balls and Balance Workshop

For Community Elders

This 2-hour training teaches community leaders who are certified in the Active Living Exercise Program to incorporate balls into their program!

Fitness for Falls Prevention

This 2-day training teaches community leaders to design a fitness program that is well suited to their Elders' needs. It focuses on creating a program that will increase mobility and protect Elders from falls.

Gaining Strength in Long Term Care

This is for recreation staff and resident care aides who wish to help the Elders in long term care to gain strength, maintain mobility, and live longer in their community.

Intergenerational Programming Workshop

For Intergenerational Programming This 4-hour training for community leaders will teach how to develop programs and events, and how to include all ages in programming.

Elders in Motion at the NWTRPA Annual


Each year, Elders, recreation leaders, health professionals, volunteers, students, and come together for the Elders in Motion stream at the NWTRPA conference. The conference provides a time and place to share information, participate in training, and celebrate Elders and their caregivers.


During the Awards Banquet, we honour inspirational Elders who continue to be active, do traditional activities, and are role models in their community with the Active Elder Award.

Active Elders

Each year, the Active Elder Award recognizes inspirational Elders who are active and share their traditional activities or knowledge. The Active Elder Award recognizes and honours community role models.

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