Each year, the NWTRPA presents awards to celebrate and recognize dedicated recreation professionals and volunteers in northern communities for their continuing efforts and achievements in promoting recreation and active living for all northerners.    



2021 NWTRPA Award Categories

Innovation Award

The Innovation Award recognizes a community, organization, or individual in the NWT that has developed a creative approach to getting themselves and others active and healthy (particular consideration given to on the Land). This could be a program, facility, group, or anything else. The award recipient demonstrates a commitment to community needs and self-determination of community identity.

Elder Award

The Elder Award recognizes an Elder that is sharing their knowledge in a good way with community and supporting others to be healthy. In this way, the nominee contributes to and is engaged in community life. The Elder has positive relationships with all generations, themselves, each other, and the land.


  • The nominee is an Elder
  • The nominee sharing what they know in a good way
  • The nominee is taking care of their health and holistic wellbeing

Latest Awards News

Canadian Parks and Recreation Association (CPRA) Awards Program

The Canadian Parks and Recreation Association launched its awards program in January 2014 to nationally recognize individuals who have demonstrated a high level of commitment, passion and leadership in the parks and recreation sector.  


The CPRA Awards Program celebrates the collective and collaborative efforts between the local parks and recreation professionals and organizations (such as the NWTRPA and its members) to the national work being undertaken by the CPRA.  

All nominations are submitted by CPRA provincial/territorial member associations. If you have a candidate to nominate, please contact the NWT Recreation and Parks Association to submit a nomination for the award.  


For more information on the CPRA Awards Program, please contact info@cpra.ca.