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Water Safety

Boating Safety App

Accessible on both a computer and smartphones. The app includes:

  • Customizable Boating Safety Float Plan

  • Boating Safety Checklist

  • Video and Text Informational Resources

  • Weather Forecasts

  • Emergency Contacts

Note: You must register and log in in order to save your boating safety float plan.

Safe Boating Travel Plan

The Safe Boating Travel Plan was created specifically for  Northerners. Each plan contains sections regarding emergency contacts, additional travellers, boat features, trip information, a route map, and a checklist of important equipment. Tip: Inform someone local of your trip plan.

Boating Safety Posters

  • English Poster​​

  • Gwich’in Poster​

  • Inuvialuktun Poster​

Boating Safety PSA


If you would like more information on these resources or anything else, contact

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