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Three Great Ways to Celebrate Recreation & Parks Month This June

Today marks the beginning of June is Recreation and Parks Month (JRPM), which means it’s time to celebrate!

How will you show your appreciation for the many benefits of recreation and parks in the NWT? To help you get started, we’ve created this short list of ways to recognize the importance of recreation and parks during the month of June.

1. Organize an Event

The best way to celebrate JRPM is to organize a recreation and/or parks event!

Organizing an event doesn’t have to be a hassle. Whether you’d like to get the entire community together, or just a few family and friends, we can help you get started. The NWTRPA offers ARC grants for organizations and community governments to host events, and we have a bunch of resources to help you host and promote an event!

2. Take Part

Maybe organizing isn’t your thing. Instead, take part in an existing JRPM event happening in your community! After approving over 50 June Active, Resilient, Connected grant applications, we know that there are a ton of great JRPM events happening all across the territory! Find an upcoming event near you by keeping an eye out for posters, asking your community members, following the hashtag #JRPMNWT on social media, or checking your community’s Facebook page. Feel free to contact us if you want help finding out the details of events happening in your community at

3. Share Your Love For Recreation and Parks

None of that interests you? Prefer solo activities? Simply show your appreciation for recreation and parks by sharing what you love to do! Post a picture of yourself taking part in recreation and parks activities! Don’t forget to use the hashtag #JRPMNWT and tag @nwtrpa so you enter your posts into the #JRPMNWT intergenerational photo contest!

Follow us @nwtrpa on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram to join the #JRPMNWT celebrations!


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