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Remembering Alfred Moses: Friend of the NWTRPA

Alfred at a Nordic Walking Workshop in Inuuvik, 2008.

We were deeply saddened to hear of the passing of Alfred Moses.

Alfred was a long-time friend of the NWTRPA. He participated in recreation training early in his career and was a volunteer Director on our Board. Alfred was a champion for recreation in the Beaufort Delta and across the North.

Derek Squirrel, Board President of the NWTRPA, was a friend of Alfred and remembers him fondly.

"His advocacy and passion for healthy living was contagious," Derek says, “Alfred was a strong leader in the Beaufort Delta and his positive influence in his region will live on.”

Alfred was born in Fort McPherson, N.W.T., in 1977 and grew up in Inuvik. He served as a representative for the Inuvik Health Authority, as a wellness coordinator for Diavik Diamond Mines, as a regional youth and volunteer officer for the Department of Municipal and Community Affairs, and as a member of Inuvik's Town Council.

Early in his career, Alfred became involved with the NWTRPA as a member of our Board as President-elect from 2004 – 2005, followed by a year as the North Slave Director. He also joined our Active Living Committee in 2006 and was instrumental in starting NWTRPA programs such as Elders in Motion and the Walking Challenge.

He continued to be an advocate for the NWTRPA, recreation and his region by providing letters of support and acting as a true ambassador of the NWTRPA. Alfred led a free boot camp program in Inuvik, presented at our conference, attended many NWTRPA awards ceremonies and events, captained Walking Challenge teams, and helped promote our events in his region.

In 2011, Alfred was elected to represent Inuvik Boot Lake as a Member of the Legislative Assembly. In his second term, he became Cabinet Minister, serving as Minister of Education, Minister responsible for youth, and Minister of the NWT Housing Corporation and Municipal and Community Affairs. Alfred continued to share the successes of the NWTRPA in his Member statements during his terms as a Member of the Legislative Assembly, and in more recent years, Alfred shared mentorship ideas for Northern recreation leaders.

Sheena Tremblay, Executive Director of the NWTRPA reflects on working with Alfred when she began her career with the NWTRPA. “Alfred was a friend and embraced leadership and advocacy for healthy living. He was a role model for many leaders in recreation across the North, his community and all those he interacted with. He never missed a chance to make introductions, share encouragement or just check in”

On behalf of our Board and Staff of the NWTRPA, we would like to send our condolences to the friends and family of Alfred Moses. He will be greatly missed.


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