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2021 NWTRPA Elder Award Nominations Now Open

Each year, the NWTRPA presents awards to celebrate and recognize dedicated recreation professionals and volunteers in northern communities for their continuing efforts and achievements in promoting recreation and active living for all northerners.


The NWTRPA Awards Nominations are currently open for the 2021 NWTRPA Elder Award.

The NWTRPA Elder Award recognizes an Elder that is sharing their knowledge in a good way with community and supporting others to be healthy. In this way, the nominee contributes to and is engaged in community life. The Elder has positive relationships with all generations, themselves, each other, and the land.


  • The nominee is an Elder

  • The nominee sharing what they know in a good way

  • The nominee is taking care of their health and holistic wellbeing

What does this Elder do to take care of their own wellbeing? How does this Elder increase opportunity for others to be healthy? How do they share their knowledge with others across different ages? Why is what this Elder is doing important to the community?

Submit a Nomination

There are three options for submitting your nomination.

Call in your nomination by calling Delanie Vail at (867) 669-8392. You won't need to use your computer or printer for this! Give us a call and we'll have a conversation about the Elder you want to nominate. We will ask you to provide the contact information of the person you're nominating, and the contact information for 3–4 references so please be sure to have that ready when you all.

Fill out an online nomination form with a handful of simple questions. You have space to write as much as you want about the Elder you're nominating. There is an opportunity to upload photos, documents, or videos to support your nomination.

Click the button below to submit our nomination now!

Print a form and email or fax it back if you prefer to write out your nomination by hand. Forms can be sent to or via fax to (867) 669-6791.


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