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Meet Delanie, NWTRPA Active Communities Coordinator

We’re excited to welcome Delanie Vail to the NWTRPA team as the Active Communities Coordinator!

Delanie was born and raised in the Northwest Territories; she grew up in Fort Smith. Delanie went to the University of Alberta where she graduated with a Bachelor of Arts degree majoring in Recreation, Sport and Tourism. Delanie's love and passion for recreation and sports have come from her parents: "As long as I can remember I have been immersed in recreation and sport. Both my parents were passionate coaches when I was growing up, so I spent most of my childhood in a gym watching them coach and asking to play," she says.

Delanie's two main sports are soccer and hockey, which she's been playing from a very young age. She continues to be physically active in all aspects of my life, playing women's hockey, working out, coaching soccer, walking her dog, or joining dancing classes.

As the Active Communities Coordinator, you'll hear from Delanie about Swim to Survive and Get Active or ARC Grants, and during June is Recreation and Parks Month!


You can reach Delanie at Looking for other staff contacts? Visit our Staff Page.


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