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Meet Abby our New Administrative Coordinator!

Abby grew up in Hay River, NT and moved to Yellowknife once she was in high school. Abby is very passionate about hockey and staying active. She spent time in British Columbia to play hockey at a higher level and went on to play hockey at Olds College in Alberta while completing her Business Diploma with a Major in Sports Management.

Abby’s athletic background comes from her love for recreational activities; she says she spent most of her childhood at the Rec Center in Hay River taking part in just about every activity that was offered. If she isn’t at the arena she’s out skating on the lake!

As the Administrative Coordinator, Abby has a hand in just about every program area at the NWTRPA. Her role is essential in supporting all the staff in achieving the strategic goals of the organization, whether it's fielding emails, writing newsposts and creating content, organizing Walk to Tuk Tshirts, or assisting with the delivery of our variety of trainings and events. You can reach Abby at


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