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June is Recreation and Parks Month!

June is Recreation and Parks Month (JRPM) is an annual observance celebrated in Canada to

promote the importance of recreation and parks in enhancing the well-being and quality of life for individuals and communities. It is a month-long campaign dedicated to raising awareness about the benefits of participating in recreational activities, enjoying public parks, and engaging in outdoor pursuits.

JRPM aims to highlight the vital role of recreation and parks in fostering physical and

mental health, community building, environmental conservation, and overall social well-being.

The campaign encourages people of all ages to get active, connect with nature, and take

advantage of the various recreational opportunities available in their communities.

Throughout the month of June, various events, programs, and initiatives are organized by

communities, parks and recreation departments, and community organizations across Canada

and the Northwest Territories. These activities may include sports tournaments, fitness classes,

guided hikes, nature walks, outdoor activities, arts and crafts workshops, and much more. The

goal is to encourage individuals and families to engage in physical activities, explore the

outdoors, and enjoy the many benefits of recreational spaces and facilities.

June is Recreation and Parks Month provides an opportunity for communities to showcase their

local parks, trails, and recreational amenities while promoting healthy and active lifestyles. It

also serves as a platform to educate the public about the importance of preserving and

maintaining these valuable resources for current and future generations.

Overall, JRPM encourages Canadians to embrace the spirit of recreation and parks, embrace

nature, and make the most of the recreational opportunities available to them throughout the

the month of June.


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