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Introducing the New NWTRPA Board!

On October 20, 2021, the NWTRPA held its 2021 AGM, which took place virtually. At the AGM the NWTRPA membership elected four new members to their Board of Directors.

After the election, the new Board is (newly elected members are bolded):

  • President - Derek Squirrel

  • Yellowknife Director - Sophie Kirby

  • Director Beaufort / Delta - Luisa Ospina

  • Director at Large - Liz Pope

  • Director North Slave - Carly Gon

  • Director Sahtu - Rena Chapple

  • Director South Slave - Mike Scott

To view all Board Members with their profiles, visit the Staff/Board page.

Thanks to Esker, Chris and Andre for running in the election.

Thank you to outgoing Board Members Kristen Tanche, Kyla LeSage, Mary Gordon, Tim Van Dam, and Cynthia White.

A special thank you to Tim and Cynthia, who stepped down from the Board earlier this year. Both members had spent over 10 years with the organization, contributing their valuable knowledge and energy.


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