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Getting Active is in Reach!

Are you sitting at home drinking a pumpkin spice latte? Are you contemplating doing some exercise, but don't know where to start? Getting active doesn't have to be too crazy, all you need is some small motivation to go out and play. Time for that last sip, meet you outside!

Being physically active is different for everyone, its definition varies from person to person. Do what inspires you and just ignore what other people are doing if it is too advanced. Basically, you do you!

Essentially all workout videos, virtual classes, or YouTube videos have variations to suit everyone's needs. Let’s suppose you are interested in recreation or in a specific sport and don't know where to start, you can reach out to your local Recreation Coordinator, and they can help! If you’re the recreation leader (or a community leader) who wants to host a recreation event in your community, check out the Get Active grants!

These grants are to help promote physical activity in your community! Grants range from $400 to purchase equipment for an event; to $750 to lead three community-oriented physically active events; to $1,000 to lead three elder-oriented physically active events. The activities are up to you, as long as they are free, open to the public, run from October 14th to March 15th and are physically active in nature. You can check out our website to read all about the grants and what you can do with them. Apply Here!


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