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Funding Available to Hire Youth for Your Organization!

Northern nonprofits and local governments can now apply for an exciting new wage subsidy program. Funding is provided by the federal government and delivered through the Canadian Parks and Recreation Association (CPRA).

The program will provide funding to support jobs for youth who face barriers to employment - it will subsidize 100% of wages for the youth (up to $10,000). The program will also fund the wages of a mentor to support the youth during their work term (up to $4000 available).

Eligible youth (15 to 30 years) must be new hires and should be those who experience barriers to employment. Youth experiencing barriers to employment might include:

  • Youth residing in a rural or remote location

  • Youth who belong to a visible minority group

  • Indigenous youth

  • LGBTQ2+ youth

  • Living in a low-income household

  • Living with a disability

  • Recent immigrant and/or refugee

  • Homeless or at risk of becoming homeless


The CPRA will be hosting a Zoom information session on February 2 from 12-1 ET. Register here:

If you have questions or would like support with your application please contact the Regional Project Manager for Northern Canada, Robin Young at


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