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Profile: Scott Cloutier - Northern Recreation Leadership Graduate

Meet Scott Cloutier, a dedicated professional who successfully completed Recreation North’s Certificate in Northern Recreation Leadership in October 2023. With a background in the non-profit sector, Scott found the program particularly enriching as it broadened his skill set in recreation, emphasizing crucial areas such as event planning and risk management.

Given his busy schedule, Scott appreciated the manageable time commitment of the certificate program, allowing him to integrate his newfound knowledge into his role as the Executive Director of the Youth Centre in the town of Hay River, NT. Scott's commitment extended beyond the training period, as he continues to apply the insights gained to enhance the impact of the Youth Centre's programs.

Scott commended the program's coursework and engaging roundtable discussions, highlighting the value of his facilitators. Describing the training as "definitely worthwhile," he emphasized the importance of the program being "made in the north," providing a unique platform for northerners to share perspectives, experiences, and solutions.

In his role as the Executive Director, Scott oversees a range of programs at the Youth Centre, including after-school literacy initiatives and programs designed to connect youth with adults and elders in the community. By creating opportunities for positive and productive interactions, Scott is shaping a brighter future for the youth of Hay River, NT.

Scott Cloutier stands as a testament to the success of the "Northern Recreation Leadership" program, embodying its mission to empower leaders in the North with the skills and knowledge to make a lasting impact on their communities.


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