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2022 NWTRPA Elder Award: Jeffrey Amos

For over 20 years the NWTRPA Awards Program has been celebrating and recognizing recreation professionals and volunteers in northern communities for their efforts and achievements in promoting recreation and active living for all northerners. This feature of Jeffrey Amos is the second in a series of profiles of the 2022 NWTRPA Award Winners. Jeffrey is the 2022 winner of the Elder Award for his work in sharing his knowledge in a good way with the community of Inuuvik / Inuvik and supporting others to be healthy.


Jeffrey is an active volunteer in the community of Inuuvik/Inuvik and has been for many decades.

Some of the activities he’s currently involved in as a volunteer are:

- High School volleyball coach.

- Lead Coordinator for Adult co-ed volleyball league.

- Lead Coordinator for all the local volleyball tournaments.

- Coach/Coordinator for Arctic Winter Games and Canada Winter Games athletes and trials


- Lead coordinator for Muskrat Jamboree Adult Snowshoe Races.

- Fast-pitch baseball committee President. He leads the coordination of fast-pitch leagues and tournaments in Inuuvik/Inuvik.

- Inuuvik/Inuvik slo-pitch Association Vice-President.

Jeffrey Amos and his wife at the 2022 NWTRPA Elder Award

Ceremony in Inuuvik/Inuvik Community Hall (March 31st, 2023).

Jeff also spends a lot of time during tournaments helping as an umpire and tallying scores. You can regularly find him in the Yukon attending baseball tournaments throughout the summer as well!

Over the years he’s been heavily involved in many recreational activities. He is a well-

respected Elder and athlete in the community and has been playing sports and coaching

since as early as the 1970s.

Jeffrey has been a hunter and trapper for many decades. He has passed on many of his teachings to his children, grandchildren, and many other people in the region. As mentioned, Jeff leads the coordination of the annual Muskrat Jamboree (MJ) adult snowshoe races and is regularly involved in coordinating Arctic Winter Games trials for snowshoeing when they happen in Inuuvik/Inuvik, and he provides snowshoes to and coaches the young athletes when preparing for trials and

the MJ snowshoe races.

Jeff regularly brings his family members (wife, children, and grandchildren) out to his bush camp where they spent time during the holiday seasons and on the odd weekends. He is well respected and looked up to by his family for his knowledge and teachings. Jeff also spent time as an on-the-land coordinator for East Three Secondary School, coordinating many on-the-land programs for our indigenous and non-indigenous youth over the years.

He has coached many people in volleyball and baseball for many years. He has also coached basketball for the youth. He is patient and kind and has so much to offer. He is always going out of his way to find something for the people in the community to stay active. As a well-respected athlete and volunteer, many people look up to Jeff because of his active and traditional lifestyle. He is always at every local tournament or community event. At nearly 70 years old he still participates in traditional activities and competitions and plays volleyball and baseball competitively!

Jeff is the founder of the adult co-ed volleyball league and has kept this annual league going for many years. He is also heavily involved in the adult baseball committees.

He is a true testament to dedication and hard work, and his passion for sports and seeing people come together for recreational activities shine as bright as the sun!

Jeffrey Amos with family and friends at the 2022 NWTRPA Elder Award Ceremony in Inuuvik/Inuvik Community Hall (March 31st, 2023).

Jeffrey's Award ceremony took place on March 31st, 2023, in his home community of Inuuvik / Inuvik. Jeffrey and Alaina Joe Beaudin (Youth Award) were joined by their family and friends in celebration.

Thank you, Jeff, for your hard work and support for the community!


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