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Recreation for Mental Health


Recreation for Mental Health training is available both in-person and online. 

Please contact Tim at

to see what will best fit your needs.

What is Recreation for Mental Health?

The Recreation for Mental Health training comes from a collaborative effort of Dalhousie University, Recreation Nova Scotia and the Nova Scotia branch of the Canadian Mental Health Association (CMHA). Through the development of practical resources and training based on extensive research, the Recreation for Mental Health Initiative strives to help community organizations create new programs and/or adapt existing ones for individuals with mental health challenges so that all people can experience the mental health benefits of recreation participation.


What is the Recreation for Mental Health Training?

The training has introduces guidelines and actions that will help recreation leaders make their programs and spaces more accessible to people experiencing mental health challenges. These guidelines and actions are born of several research projects which you can read more about on the Recreation Nova Scotia website.

Why is this training so important?

The Recreation for Mental Health Training is a missing link between uncovering the needs of people experiencing mental health challenges through the research process, and connecting these people with the recreation experiences that are so vital to the recovery process and maintaining wellness into the future. 

Who is the training for?

Whether you are a recreation manager or director, a program facilitator/leader, or a front desk staff member, you have a vital role in helping the people who would benefit the most from recreation to:

  • find out about your offerings

  • afford to attend them

  • travel to your facility

  • feel welcomed to attend for the first time

  • keep coming back, to get the full benefits of recreation

What will I learn and do at the Training?


The training is experiential and fun and has built in time for action planning at your centre or program. You’ll leave with a renewed sense of the power of recreation to change people’s lives for the better and a clear path that you can take to reach the people who most need to experience the joys and benefits of recreation.


Additionally, the heart of the trainings teachings are about being welcoming to all people and doing excellent customer service.

How long is the Training?


The training is a 4-hour workshop available in-person or online.



The NWTRPA thanks Recreation Nova Scotia for allowing us to adapt and facilitate their training.

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