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Welcome to our New Website!

Welcome to our new website! Thanks for visiting us. We’ve updated our website to be faster, more accessible, and (we hope!) easier to navigate.

We appreciate your patience with us and our new website as we iron out the final details and tweaks to make this website run smoothly for everyone. We know it's not quite perfect just yet—we're working hard over the next week to make sure it is!

The NWT Recreation and Parks Association is a non-profit, non-government organization that works with communities across the NWT to promote recreation by supporting leaders, communities, and partners through training, advocacy, and networking.

Our website is the hub of all things related to the Recreation and On the Land sector in the Northwest Territories! There are so many good little Easter eggs across the website that support recreation, parks, and on the land leaders in the NWT.

It’s where all of the NWTRPA programs, training, networking opportunities, and advocacy work are published first. So it’s the perfect place to find out the latest news about the NWTRPA and the sector at large!

From our own flagship programs, such as Elders in Motion, to getting your Fitness Leadership accreditation from AFLCA, to news from around the sector, as well as opportunities such as grants and jobs—coming to the NWTRPA is a great place to start when looking for information, support, or contacts within the sector.

And there’s more: We also have a ton of resources for free! Across our webpages, or under “Resources” on the menu are a number of resources on water safety, cannabis and youth, reconciliation and decolonization, anti-racism, and other areas of advocacy the NWTRPA has previously championed or are currently advocating for.

Is a link broken, wrong, or missing? Please let us know! Send us an email to


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