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NWTRPA Exercise and Wellness Survey

Interested in exercise and wellness training? Have some great ideas about how to better promote physical activity in the NWT? Want to win some amazing NWTRPA Swag!? Fill out our survey!!

Over the past several years, the NWTRPA has offered a fitness leadership training and certification program for NWT residents who are interested in bringing a fitness program to their communities. Delivered through the Alberta Fitness Leadership Certification Association (AFLCA), this program has offered dozens of courses to NWT communities.

However, in the recent past staff have noticed a decline: in community interest, participant interest, success, recertification, as well as fitness opportunities in communities.

The NWTRPA is seeking your feedback for the creation and roll-out of a culturally relevant, accessible and effective, made-in-the-North fitness certification program that serves the needs of NWT residents.

This collaborative project will incorporate Indigenous knowledge from all regions of the NWT along with Euro-Canadian exercise science (also often called “Western science”), using a two-eyed seeing approach to health, exercise, and wellbeing.

Trainees will learn how to weave their knowledge and training into integral aspects of traditional and contemporary community life in a way that creates sustainable health initiatives for communities. This project is something that northerners can be proud of and turn to regardless of their health goals: whether to become stronger and more effective on the land, excel in Northern Games, or participate in community strength classes.

Fill out the survey HERE.


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