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Committee Call-Out — Join Us!

Over the past several years, the NWTRPA has offered a fitness leadership training & certification program for NWT residents who are interested in bringing a fitness program to their communities. Delivered through the Alberta Fitness Leadership Certification Association (AFLCA), this program has offered dozens of courses to NWT communities. However, in the recent past, staff have noticed a decline in: community interest; participant interest; success; recertification; as well as fitness opportunities in communities.

Why is this happening? How can we deliver movement, wellness, and physical literacy (fitness) training to leaders in a way that makes sense to the NWT?

To better understand the fitness-related needs, interests, gaps, and strengths of NWT communities, the NWTRPA held a series of conversations with NWT residents and fitness leaders from around the territory in the summer of 2020 to seek the advice for the best way forward. We also launched an NWT-wide survey to confirm/adjust the feedback we heard from the above-mentioned consultations and are currently compiling survey data (Survey closes: May 30).

Key insights from the fitness consultations:

  • A need for an exercise and wellness program designed for northern lifestyles and communities.

  • A need for a culturally relevant way of describing, training, and supporting exercise in the NWT.

  • More community: opportunities to engage with other leaders & master facilitators.

  • More support and learning around developing sustainable programs in our communities.

  • A fitness program that can be delivered anywhere (in a gym, on the land, in school, etc.)

  • A fitness training program that acknowledges all areas of wellness.

Committee Details:

The NWTRPA is seeking representatives to sit on an 8-month fitness program development committee. This group will be responsible to advise the NWTRPA and contracted consultants on the development of a made-in-the-NWT, culturally relevant, exercise and wellness (fitness) training and certification program. The group will ensure that the program is designed around the unique and specific needs of residents from all regions of the NWT.

Committee meeting participants will be reimbursed at a rate of $ 85.00/meeting. Selection will take place in the month of May, and meetings are aimed to commence in June, 2021. Selection will be conducted by NWTRPA staff, and will be based on demonstrated commitment to community wellness, recreation, and movement/exercise.

The advisory committee will meet a minimum of 5 times before February 2022. Committee positions to be filled include:

  • Beaufort Delta Regional Representative

  • North Slave Regional Representative

  • South Slave Regional Representative

  • Sahtu Regional Representative

  • Dehcho Regional Representative

  • Tłı̨chǫ Representative

  • Elder Advisor Representative

  • Youth Advisor Representative

  • Exercise/Fitness Professional

To let us know you’re interested, fill out our online using the button above, or give us a call at (867) 669-8381.

You can also contact Bri with any questions you might have at


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