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Apply for a Get Active Grant – It’s Easy!

It’s September! That means that the first snow isn’t likely too far off. But just because the summer is all but over, doesn’t mean you should pack it in and prepare to hibernate for the winter. It’s still time to Get Active!

If you didn’t know, Get Active grants fund community events that get people physically active in the NWT. It’s one of the ways we help people keep moving during the long winter months. Whether you’ve already got events planned, or just have a few ideas, you can apply for the funding to make it happen.

Here’s how it works:

1. Choose your events or equipment needs – Does your organization have any upcoming events that Get Active can support? Do you have an idea for new events you would like to host? Do you already have an event all planned out and all you need is some new equipment?

2. Once you’ve decided on a series of events or on your equipment needs, you can apply for the Get Active grant in one of three categories: $400 to purchase equipment for an event; $750 to lead three community-oriented physically active events; or $1,000 to lead three elder-oriented physically active events. The events can be, but are not limited to, snowshoeing, walking-bingo elders jigging party and/or Dene games.

3. We’ll review the applications, making sure the events meet all requirements, such as:

  • Being free

  • Being open to the public

  • Getting people moving and active

  • Taking place between October 14, 2022, and March 15, 2023

4. If your events are approved, we’ll send you an email letting you know, and we will send you the first half of your grant. You will also receive a small prize pack of items that can be used as prizes for participants at your events.

5. Once all your events are done, you must submit an online report by March 15, 2023, and then we’ll send you the second half of the grant money.

Visit our Get Active Page for more information and resources.


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