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6 Reasons Why YOU Should do the NWTRPA Walking Challenge (Previously known as Walk to Tuk)

  1. It's fun and free! There is no cost associated with the NWTRPA Walking Challenge. Your office can make a bunch of teams, and challenge each other to see which group can get to Tuktoyaktuk or get the furthest.

  2. It’s all the motivation you need to stay active! NWT Winters are very cold and dark. The Walking Challenge provides a great reason to keep moving and go outdoors.

  3. You could win amazing prizes! The NWTRPA has many fabulous prizes you can win if you participate in the Walking Challenge: weekly prizes, grand prizes, photo submission prizes, and much, much more.

  4. It’s accessible and adaptable! The Walking Challenge is accessible because many other different activities can be counted for walking minutes. The Walking Challenge does not need any special equipment. If you do at least 15 minutes of continuous, moderate to vigorous activity, it counts as walking minutes (see the list of potential activities below).

  5. Kids can participate! You can enter a team as a family or as a classroom or school. When kids are active, it improves their concentration, supports physical and cognitive development, and gets them much-needed fresh air.

  6. It promotes wellness! Moving your body for as little as 15 minutes can be very beneficial physically and mentally. Just 15 minutes of activity can lower blood pressure and stress levels and improve your heart and lung health.

Overall, you can't go wrong with participating in the NWTRPA Walking Challenge! Here are a few activities you can use to log in some walking minutes:

  1. Snowshoeing

  2. Skiing

  3. Skating

  4. Snowboarding

  5. Kick Sledding

  6. Running

  7. Biking

  8. Lane Swimming

  9. Zumba or dance classes

  10. Most sports

  11. Etc.


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