Active Elders

Nominate an Elder for the 2019 Active Elder Award. For information on the other NWTRPA Awards visit the NWTRPA Awards page.

2018 Active Elder
Eunice Nasogaluak - Tuktoyaktuk

Eunice has lived in Tuktoyaktuk for the past 52 years and enjoys being part of the community. She gives back in so many ways, through music, teaching, sharing her language, and volunteering at community events. Eunice has been part of the Walk to Tuk challenge for the past few years, keeping active and encouraging others to do the same. She is also an active singer, dancer, and drummer, and is always ready to share her skills with the youth. Eunice enjoys playing bass guitar for old time dances and community gatherings, and volunteering with the Tuktoyaktuk Music Festival. Eunice takes advantage of every opportunity to share her language and culture with young people in the community.

2017 Active Elder
Marie Horassi - Fort Simpson

Marie is an active member of the community, attending community meetings, drum dances, and traditional events. She has shown a dedication and positive attitude towards the Elders in Motion program and is involved in many community activities, such as harvesting crops and picking berries. When not in Fort Simpson, Marie spends her time in Tulita helping her children with the fall hunt, where she can be seen preparing wild meat for storage, and making dry meat and dry fish.

*Nathan McPherson standing in for Marie Horassi in the photo above.
2016 Active Elder
Bella Nitsiza - Whati

Bella is a retired community teacher, who continues to offer her traditional knowledge expertise and skills to the youth and children by way of her busy activities around her home and the community. Bella attends as many community events as she can while actively caring for her family, friends and community. She is fondly admired by many for all her past and present endeavors especially by her past students for her caring and kindness.

*Rita Matla standing in for Bella Nitsiza in photo to the left.
2015 Active Elder
Allen Joss - Ulukhaktok

EIM2015WS-84-smallAllen is an active elder in the community of Ulukhaktok.

Allen promotes and encourages everyone to respect our land, all animals, fish, and birds for future generations.He is an active 77 years old yet he continues to be active. He is still an active guide for big game hunts. He is a great role model in our community. He is a very well respected Elder.

He still actively hunts for his family and the community by snowmobile, ATV and boat. He shares his extensive knowledge of traditional hunting/fishing areas, tracking and hunting skills, meat and skin preparation and on the land skills with anyone he travels with and during on the land trips for school students.

2014 Active Elder
Wilfred Jackson - Fort Good Hope

IMG_1005Wilfred is an active elder in the community of Fort Good Hope.

He is always providing for the people by fishing and hunting.

Wilfred is also a cancer survivor, and loves giving back to his community by teaching the youth about their culture, and how important it is to never lose connection with your roots.

If you ask around, everyone knows who he is, and what he does. Congratulations Wilfred!

Madeline Catholique - Lutsel K'e


Madeline is the oldest female in her community and is still very active making traditional hides, tanning sewing and beading. Madeline shares her traditional knowledge by teaching at the school, showing women how to scrape and tan caribou and moose hides and she helps with the womens sewing group. To this day she still works on moose hides in the summer/fall months and in the winter she prepares the caribou hides.

Madeline continues to exercise and goes on the land camping and hunting to the annual spring and fall hunts to the barrenlands. Madeline is a much respected Elder in her community and has a passion to share her culture and traditions.

Rona Williams - Yellowknife


Rona is an excellent example of an active, community-involved senior and is an inspiration.  Rona is a proud and active grandmother and she loves to walk and bike and has been participating in the weekly tai chi class.

Rona is a certified tai chi instructor that has involved numerous hours of tai chi training and weekend workshops.   Rona teaches tai chi in Yellowknife and also teaches chair tai chi to the residents of Aven Manor who do not have the physical ability to stand and do exercises.

“I am inspired by Rona’s quiet encouragement to each senior to participate according to their ability, her grace, and her honesty in knowing the need to ‘keep moving’  even on days when it isn’t always easy.” (quote from Linda Henry)

2013 Active Elders
Violet Beaulieu – Fort Resolution

Violet is an eighty years old with the mind and energy of twenty year old! You can 20130212-IMG_0981find her at any physical activity event happening in Fort Resolution from Nordic walking to curling and workout videos. When there is a Nordic walking session happening in the community, Violet walks from her home on the highway about 1.5km away to the elders Facility to participate in the group walk and then walks back again. Violet is definitely the leader of the pack and is the person to keep up too on the walks!

During community workout videos the organizer has said “no one can keep up with her”!

She is just amazing and it is an honour to present this award to Violet Beaulieu!

Through various workshops and training the NWTRPA staff have seen Violet in action and she is definitely a role model for not only her community but everyone she meets!

Gabriel Kochon – Fort Good Hope

20130212-IMG_1014Gabe is 84 years old and still goes out on the land with his wife Sarah. When Gabe is on the land he hauls wood, checks his nets, traps and hauls water.

Gabe often speaks on the local radio, attends community meetings and Elders workshops.

It is an honour to present this award to such an amazing Elder.

2010 Active Elder
Marcel Norn – Fort Resolution

Marcel Norn from Fort Resolution-REACHING UPMarcel Norn was a very active person for his age. He lived most of his life in Fort Resolution. For 13 years he lived and worked in Pine Point. Unfortunately due to suffering a heart attack in 1987, he was unable to work any longer. He had never been sick before, so he had to make adjustments in his life. The Doctor had told him to exercise, so he began walking every morning. He also changed the way he ate. He no longer used butter, he also stopped eating bacon and stayed away from fatty foods. He also used to smoke but gave up that bad habit. After he began to have problems with shortness of breath, Marcel underwent triple bypass surgery 5 years ago.

Marcel firmly believed that walking and watching what he ate helped his health. Not only did he walk consistently (even using a treadmill in the bad weather), but he also was an avid member of the Elders in Motion exercise group in Fort Resolution. He said that he used to always get leg cramps and he had tried medication, but that did not work. Since doing the exercises, he never got the leg cramps again.

We were deeply saddened to hear about the passing of Marcel Norn. Marcel was a great advocate of the Elders in Motion Program, and was our first Elders in Motion Champion.

Our heartfelt condolences go out to Marcel’s family, and the community of Fort Resolution.

"Walking is good for you, walk and listen to the doctor. "
Marcel Norn (2010 Active Elder)