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Apply for a June Get Active Grant!

There is just ONE month to go before June is Recreation and Parks Month (JRPM) and Senior Citizens Month. That means two things: 1. Spring is finally upon us… 2. And we've begun accepting applications for June Get Active grants!

For those who don't know, June Get Active grants award organizations $400 to organize one community-oriented physically active event or $500 to organize one elder-oriented physically active event in June (grant amounts vary due to the NWT community price index, more information at the bottom of the page). It's our way of helping people get physically active while celebrating the benefits of recreation and on the land programs in their communities.

Applying for a June Get Active grant has never been easier. All you need to do is make sure that your event meets these four simple requirements and then fill out this online application before May 31.

What are the requirements? The event must:

  1. Take place during the month of June.

  2. Be free.

  3. Be open to the public.

  4. Help people get active.

That's all! So don't wait, get your applications in now. Grants are awarded on a first-come first-serve basis as funds are limited.

If you want more information about June is Recreation and Parks Month, click here!

For more information about applying for a June Get Active Grant, click here!

Need Ideas for June Get Active grants? Here is a calendar of all the celebrations in June to highlight June is Recreation and Parks Month! You may underline one of these celebrations by creating an event for it!

What is the Community Price Index?

The Northwest Territories Community Price Survey, conducted since 1982 allows for comparing prices across communities. This comparison takes the form of an index showing average prices compared to Yellowknife. Grants for communities will be calculated using the same ratio that is reflected in the linked index (the lowest-scoring community will be given the basic amount).

Yellowknife has the lowest food price index, hence organizations in this community will receive either $400 or $500 for their event. However, as an example, an organization based out of Inuvik, where the price index is 1.59, would be entitled to $636 ($400 x 1.59) or $795 ($500 x 1.59) for their event. For more information on your community price index, click here.


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