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2022 NWTRPA Scott McAdam Youth Leadership Award Winner: Alaina Joe Beaudin

For over 20 years the NWTRPA Awards Program has been celebrating and recognizing recreation professionals and volunteers in northern communities for their efforts and achievements in promoting recreation and active living for all northerners. This feature of Alaina Joe Beaudin is the first in a series of profiles of the 2022 NWTRPA Award Winners. Alaina is the 2022 winner of the Scott McAdam Youth Leadership Award for her achievements and contributions towards improving the quality of life of members of Inuuvik / Inuvik and other communities in the NWT.


Alaina Joe Beaudin joined by family and friends at the 2022 NWTRPA Scott McAdam Leadership Youth Award Ceremony in Inuuvik/Inuvik Community Hall (March 31st, 2023).

Alaina Joe Beaudin is a volunteer at Inuuvik/Inuvik’s Church and a Youth Advocate for mental health for Western Arctic Youth Collective (WAYC) in Inuuvik/Inuvik and in schools from other communities where she talks to other students that are struggling mentally and emotionally.

Through WAYC, Alaina has travelled to Toronto, Whitehorse, Inuvik, and cities in Alberta, where she has been a speaker for the community youth to achieve the well-needed progress for youth empowerment and mental well-being.

Alaina, joined by Kyra Buckle and project director Alyssa Carpenter, hosted a “reverse town hall” where they discussed mental health issues faced by youth in the North, as part of the Local 2 Global (L2G) youth summit, which was held in Inuuvik/Inuvik. The summit ran from March 1 to 4, 2022.

L2G focused on building circumpolar connections and collaborations—between youth, Indigenous Peoples, health practitioners, researchers, policymakers, and others—towards effective action that fosters mental wellness and life promotion.

Alaina and her mother, Melinda Joe Beaudin, at the

2022 NWTRPA Award Ceremony in Inuuvik/Inuvik

Community Hall (March 31st, 2023).

Alaina's Award celebration took place on March 31st, 2023, in her home community of Inuuvik / Inuvik. Alaina and Jeffrey Amos (Elder Award) were joined by their family and friends.

Thanks, Alaina, for your hard work and support towards the community!


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