HIGH FIVE® Trainings are back!

They are now available in-person and online

Please contact Amanda at agrobbecker@nwtrpa.org 

to see what will best fit your needs

HIGH FIVE® is Canada’s only quality standard for organizations providing recreation and sport programs to children aged 6 to 12. As an Authorized Provider, the NWTRPA is a partner in delivering HIGH FIVE® across the NWT.


What is HIGH FIVE®?

HIGH FIVE® is Canada’s only quality standard for children’s programs. Before HIGH FIVE®, no standard existed and there was a clear need for an innovative approach to help organizations enhance program quality and provide positive experiences for children, which would remain with them for a lifetime.


How Can I Get Trained?

  • Find A Training – First, find out if there is a training happening in your community, or in a nearby community.

  • Host a Training – If there are no trainings happening near you, why not host your own training. We’ll even assist you with set up and promotion.

  • Become a Trainer – If you’ve already received the base-level HIGH FIVE® training, become certified so that you can teach HIGH FIVE® trainings to others.


What HIGH FIVE® training is available?

Due to COVID-19, in-person trainings are currently on hold. There is one online HIGH FIVE® training available.


HIGH FIVE® Principles of Healthy Child Development-C (PHCD-C) Online

HIGH FIVE PHCD-C online training is a tool for  those working with children aged 4 to 12 to enhance program quality and ensure that every child has a positive experience. This online training equips participants with the essential knowledge about the physical, social, emotional and cognitive attributes of each age and stage of a child’s development.


This course is designed for anyone providing programs for children ages 4 to 12 such as full/part-time recreation staff, coaches, swim instructors, camp counselors, before and after-school care providers, and teachers.

For more information about HIGH FIVE®, visit their website at highfive.org



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