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HIGH FIVE® Trainings are back!

They are now available in-person and online

Please contact Tim at

to see what will best fit your needs.


HIGH FIVE® is Canada’s quality standard for organizations providing recreation and leisure programs to children aged 4 to 12. As an Authorized Provider, the NWTRPA is a partner in delivering HIGH FIVE® across the NWT to community recreation leaders.


What is HIGH FIVE®?

HIGH FIVE® is based on five Principles of healthy child development that are essential for quality programs. This foundation comes from extensive research into what constitutes quality experiences for children, and the practical application of Principles in programs across Canada. 


How Can I Get Trained?

  • Find A Training – First, find out if there is a training happening in your community, or in a nearby community.

  • Host a Training – If there are no trainings happening near you, why not host your own training. We’ll even assist you with set up and promotion. What is involved in hosting a training? Click here


What HIGH FIVE® training is available?

There is a variety of training offered to suit your unique needs, with varying opportunities for in-person or virtual learning. 

  • Elder Award
    The Elder Award recognizes an Elder that is sharing their knowledge in a good way with community and supporting others to be healthy. In this way, the nominee contributes to and is engaged in community life. The Elder has positive relationships with all generations, themselves, each other, and the land. Criteria The nominee is an Elder The nominee sharing what they know in a good way The nominee is taking care of their health and holistic wellbeing
  • Innovation Award
    The Innovation Award recognizes a community, organization, or individual in the NWT that has developed a creative approach to getting themselves and others active and healthy (particular consideration given to on the Land). This could be a program, facility, group, or anything else. The award recipient demonstrates a commitment to community needs and self-determination of community identity.

Virtual Live Training – Synchronous Training that is hosted by a Trainer in a virtual environment (i.e. webinar, GoToMeeting, MS Teams).

Virtual On-demand Training – Asynchronous Training that is completed by one individual on a Learning Management System.

Virtual Hybrid Training – Asynchronous Training that is completed before or after a Synchronous Training that is hosted by a Trainer in a virtual environment.

For more information about HIGH FIVE®, visit their website at


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