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Free bike rental in Yellowknife!
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Yellowknife is a small city where most journeys are less than 15 minutes by bike.  However, a car dependent culture, and lack of cycling infrastructure means most people travel predominantly by car.  A mountain of research shows that car dependency is highly problematic, but it can be a hard habit to break. To encourage a shift in mindset, we are launching a FREE two-week trial program to help residents choose to bike their daily commutes. Borrow one of our bikes (or use your own) and see what happens when you make it your primary mode of transport.  After two weeks, we believe that you’ll have formed a habit that you don’t want to change. You will feel better, be healthier, save money, and have helped make your community safer and more connected. Participants will be asked to map their routes, noting high quality as well as problematic areas. We’ll use this data to advocate for more complete streets in Yellowknife. Sign-up to make the SHIFT and start looking forward to your commute!


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After living in Denmark, Becca and Adam Denley recently returned to Yellowknife, inspired by the transformative impact of multimodal infrastructure. In Denmark, they enjoyed biking to work and seeing their children safely navigate to activities on protected lanes and paths. Witnessing all ages benefit from an active lifestyle. Upon their return, they were inspired to advocate for similar changes in Yellowknife, hoping to bring the same sense of freedom and community to Yellowknife!


It is easy! Just follow these 3 easy steps: 


1. Make an account


2. Select the time and the bike you want


3. Fill out the needed documents and enjoy!

Are you ready to make the shift?

  • Elder Award
    The Elder Award recognizes an Elder that is sharing their knowledge in a good way with community and supporting others to be healthy. In this way, the nominee contributes to and is engaged in community life. The Elder has positive relationships with all generations, themselves, each other, and the land. Criteria The nominee is an Elder The nominee sharing what they know in a good way The nominee is taking care of their health and holistic wellbeing
  • Innovation Award
    The Innovation Award recognizes a community, organization, or individual in the NWT that has developed a creative approach to getting themselves and others active and healthy (particular consideration given to on the Land). This could be a program, facility, group, or anything else. The award recipient demonstrates a commitment to community needs and self-determination of community identity.

2024 Bike-Share Program
Decreasing Barriers to Active Mobility
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