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My First NWTRPA Conference

My name is Clair, and I am the Professional Development Coordinator at the NWTRPA. If you remember the news post introducing me, I graduated from Okanagan College in 2021 and started working at the RPA in June. I took a lot of classes that I thought would prepare me for a conference, but wow, there is so much more than meets the eye!

When I joined the team, a lot of preparation for the conference had already started, including the theme and location. My responsibilities included scoping out potential activities, catering, sound tech, a local photographer, signing rental agreements and more! I faced a few challenges with organizing various things, but I never felt alone, or like I couldn't ask anyone for help. At the NWTRPA, everyone has their projects, but the conference is something we all come together to work on.

With the conference offering three different streams, we get various professionals in all stages of their careers attending. It is always rewarding to see everyone mingle and make new connections.

There were many great speakers at the conference, and we were lucky enough to have two keynote presentations in three days.

The conference theme was Recreation and Recovery, and the keynote speakers talked about their connection to the land and its role in recovery and recreation.

Richard Van Camp presented the first keynote; he spoke of The Three C's, Culture, Connection and Community. Next up were Chloe Dragon Smith and Robert Grandjambe, sharing their experience of healthy recovery and the concept of recreation.

To add another thing to my conference experience, I was one of the speakers for the YEE Bright Spot recipient. I even held a microphone and presented to a big group about my role at the RPA! After the Bright Spot presentation, the AGM took place. The AGM was also a first for me; my first time attending an AGM and taking notes like that.

We had to change a few things last minute for reasons outside our control, but overall, the 2022 NWTRPA Annual Conference was a success! It seems like the participants enjoyed themselves, which is a nice feeling!

The conference was filled with long and busy days; the best feeling was getting to take all my sticky note to-do lists off my desk on Friday, October 7th. I learned a lot and am so glad I had the opportunity and was given so much responsibility for various aspects of the conference.

I was really inspired by all of the participants and their dedication to growing recreation programs in the North. I am already looking forward to the 2023 Conference!

You can reach Clair at or (867) 669-8375. Visit our Staff/Board page to meet the rest of the NWTRPA Staff and Board Members.


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