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July 1st

July 1st marks the anniversary of Canada’s journey towards independence as a political entity. This day also offers us time to learn, reflect, commit to understanding the truth, and move towards reconciliation, making sure that we acknowledge and celebrate the resilience of First Nations, Metis, and Inuit people.

Celebrating Canada Day through the lens of truth and reconciliation involves recognizing the full history and impact of colonization on Indigenous peoples, acknowledging the ongoing harm caused by colonialism, and committing to concrete actions that support reconciliation. On this day, and throughout the year, we encourage everyone, in particular non-Indigenous residents of the NWT, to acknowledge Canada Day and the complex history that it holds by practicing the following actions:

  1. Explore whether/how different communities acknowledge Canada Day, and how they differ. Learn more about the true history of Canada, including the experiences of Indigenous peoples and the impacts of colonization on their communities. We have collected a few examples below:

2. Attend Indigenous cultural events: Seek out events and celebrations by Indigenous communities on Canada Day and beyond.

3. Use this day as a time for reflection and healing: Go for a walk outside, spend some time on the land, connect with nature and take time to reflect on the harm that colonialism has caused Indigenous peoples and consider ways to support reconciliation efforts.

From the NWTRPA to you - we hope that today brings you wellness, self-exploration, togetherness, and healing.

Please note that our office will be closed Monday, July 3, and reopen on Tuesday, July 4, 2023.


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