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A Walking Challenge Review Update

For the past year, the NWT Recreation and Parks Association (NWTRP) has been committed to figuring out the best and most appropriate way to change the name of the NWTRPA Walking Challenge, formerly known as “Walk to Tuk”. With an appointed Advisory Committee from all 5 regions of the Northwest Territory, the NWTRPA is confident that a new name will be identified within the next year.

Yet, with the upcoming 2023 edition of the NWTRPA Walking Challenge, a conundrum persists.

As a small organization, our capacity to recreate a completely new array of communications with a place-holder logo and title is quite limited by our timeframe. We intend to change all our website and communication content from “Walk to Tuk” to “NWTRPA Walking Challenge” and then to the new name but, we are aware of the lengthy work that this entails. As we work through all the content we’ve created over the past 10 years, we know that we may miss a few. We will do our best to make the changes but apologize in advance for any missed “Walk to Tuk” titles in our content.

The 2023 Walking Challenge is here, and we wish to be completely transparent with you, our faithful participants. We appreciate your dedication and active participation in this event, and we look forward to seeing all of you coming out in droves to walk during the 2023 winter months.

Registrations open on December 13, 2022, and will close on January 16, 2023.

The Walking Challenge will take place from January 2 to February 28, 2023.

See you then.

Questions, comments, or concerns? Contact us at for support.


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