Registration Instructions

DID YOU KNOW, anyone can attend the 2019 NWTRPA and Youth Centres Conference?

This year we offer 3 types of registration:
– NWTRPA Member Registration (For those already NWTRPA Members)
– NWTRPA NEW Member Registration (For those wishing to become NWTRPA Members)
– Non-Member Registration

Already a member? Then skip down to the instructions below.

If you require additional guidance you can email

Are you a student? Contact Amanda at before registering for a special rate.


  1. Go to the NWTRPA Member Portal: “
  2. Under Upcoming Events, click on the first event, “2019 NWTRPA & Youth Centres Conference
  3. Click the blue “Register Now” button in the bottom left of the page.
  4. Fill in the Email field and the Code field, and then click the “Next” button in the bottom right of the page.
  5. Select the type of registration you are wanting. (NOTE: If the NWTRPA MEMBER REGISTRATION option is greyed out, it means that your email is not associated with a membership.)
  6. Fill out your registration details. If you wish to register another attendee, click on the grey “Register Someone Else” button at the bottom of the page just above the cancel button (this will allow you to fill in the registration details for as many additional guests as you like).
  7. Choose to your payment method by clicking on either the “Invoice me” or “Pay Online” button. If you choose the invoice me option, you can still pay online later by following the “Pay invoice online” link in the invoice that is sent to your email.
  8. You’re all done! (Note: If you haven’t already paid online, don’t forget to settle the invoice that was sent to your email, as soon as possible).