Regional Training Centers

The NWTRPA works with the four communities that currently have year-round pools (Fort Smith, Hay River, Yellowknife and Inuvik) to develop their instructor and professional capacity to deliver training’s for their own communities, as well as, communities in their region with seasonal pool facilities.

The NWTRPA provides financial and logistical support for year round pools to gain the training and experience they need to deliver specific courses and training events. A focus will be made on developing capacity in the following courses:

  • Lifesaving Society – Shallow Water Pool Certification
  • Lifesaving Society – Lifesaving Instructor
  • Lifesaving Society – National Lifeguard Service Instructor
  • Lifesaving Society – Swim to Survive Instructors

In exchange for NWTRPA financial and logistical support, the regional pools agree to provide training, leadership and support to surrounding communities who operate seasonal aquatics facilities.

Through these strategic agreements, the NWTRPA aims to build capacity in year-round aquatics facilities and provide further support to seasonal pools to build local capacity to operate their own facilities.

Training Centre Contacts

Yellowknife – Ruth Inch Memorial Pool – Johanna Elliot – (867)-920-5683
Inuvik – Midnight Sun Complex Pool – Mike Scott – (867) 777-8640
Fort Smith – Fort Smith Swimming Pool – Jeff Schwartzenberger – (867) 872-2200
Hay River – Hay River Aquatic Centre – Ashley Coombs – (867) 874-6500