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Arctic Plodders

 January 19, 2016
Posted by NWT Recreation and Parks Association

The Arctic Plodders has participated in every single Walk to Tuk challenge since 2010. Vera Raschke was a team member for the first three years and has been the trusty team captain for the last three years. According to Vera, the team has been continually growing since their first year as a team. Although a few team members have moved away, most of the original team members are still participating. Available spots are quickly filled and the team has grown to full capacity. “Our team members have been active in recruiting new people!”

What do you PJ8like about being a team captain? It is fun to lead a team to a specific goal. Once a system is set up for keeping track of team members and their times, the information can be re-used every year so it does not take up a lot of time to get set up each year. Team members do great work in keeping their time and submitting it on schedule so it is not an onerous task to report the team statistics. The only difficult task is trying to get everyone together for a team photo which has not happened yet but I am still hopeful!

Why do you continue to participate every year? I find it gives me that extra push to make time to go for walks in winter and also to walk to events, shopping, etc. instead of starting up the car. Plus I am trying to get more involved in other winter sports, such as skiing and snowshoeing, which often gets neglected by using the cold weather as an excuse not to go outside.

What do you like about the Walk to Tuk? Sometimes one needs a goal or a challenge to get started on something. There are two incentives in being part of a Walk to Tuk team – first being part of a team versus going solo and secondly, for those that are competitive, one can make it interesting by competing with other teams that you know. You may not see the other participants physically but you can track their movement on the map.

Any otWalking Celebrations deline 011her comments? I have noticed over the years how the weather affects the number of kilometers walked. The team reaches Tuk much quicker in warmer winters as members add more outdoor activities such as skiing. But these last few years, more people have also been using the arena’s walking track to get through the colder months so they don’t lose the momentum they have built up in their walking schedule.