Walk to Tuk Website Features

 January 15, 2018
Posted by smiklosovic

Here is some information that will help you navigate our website.

Did you know you have a team profile page?

Each team that has registered for Walk to Tuk 2018 has a profile page. If all information was submitted during registration, this page will have a team profile photo, a team description and a list of team members (unless it’s a class team). Team captains can update this page by logging in and clicking on the “Edit Team Information” button. The profile page will also show the number of kilometres your team has walked in the yellow and blue badge on the right of the screen and sho

w your progress along the river on the map at the top of the page.

Access a team profile page by:

  • On the Map and Team Status page, in the team status table, find the team whose profile page you want to visit, and click on their team name.
  • On the Map and Team Status page, on the map, find the pin of the team whose profile you want to visit and click on it. A white box will appear. Click on the orange team name in the white box.

Locating your team on the map your profile page:

  • Click on the orange “Locate Team” button found in the bottom left corner of the map. The map will zoom in on your team’s pinThe amount of kilometres your team has walked will also be shown.
  • Find other teams from your community or teams of the same team type by clicking on the orange community or team type links found under your team name.

Here is some more information that will help you navigate our website.

Search for a participant

Are you curious if a friend, family member or co-worker is participating in Walk to Tuk? You can find that out by entering their name into the “search for a team member” box on our website. The box can be found on the Map and Team Status page and all team profile pages. You can find the box on these pages, in the top right in the yellow horizontal bar.

Search for a team

With over 280 registered teams, the Team Status Table is very long. You can do a couple things to find the team you’re looking for:

  • Search for team

On the Map and Team Status page, search for a team by entering a team name, a part of a team name, community, or something else into the search box located just above the Team Status Table. The table will automatically be sorted to reflect what was typed in the search box.


  • Sort teams

On the Map and Team Status page, you can sort the Team Status table by clicking on one of blue tabs at the top of the table.  You can sort teams alphabetically by team name, community, team type, or distance.   


Locate a team on the map:

The Team Status map is full of pins, making it hard to find your own team on the map. There are a couple ways to make this process easier.

  • On the Map and Team Status page, in the Team Status table under the “Find” column, click the “Locate” button next to the team you are trying to locate on the map.
  • On the Map and Team Status page, on the Team Status map, use the “+” and “-“ buttons to zoom in and out. Then click on a pin to see which team it corresponds to.
  • On a Team Profile Page, click the orange “Locate Team” button under the distance walked.