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Team Highlight: Alexis Arrowmaker

 February 13, 2017
Posted by NWT Recreation and Parks Association
Alexis Arrowmaker is a team from Wekweètì participating in Walk to Tuk for the first time.

Can you briefly describe your team?

Our team consists of the staff of Alexis Arrowmaker School in Wekweètì. We are a small team, because our school is 28 students. We have teachers, an EA, secretary and custodian on our team.

Why is your team participating in Walk to Tuk?

We saw it as a fun way to get healthy, push one another and a way to bond outside of work.

What does your team like most about Walk to Tuk?

That is gets us out and moving! It can be hard to stay active in the cold months, but the Walk to Tuk has kept us on track.

What is one thing you would tell others about Walk to Tuk?

It is a fun way to work as a group to accomplish a goal. We might not make it all the way to Tuk by the time the challenge is over, but we will make it there before the school year is over!

What is one random fact about your team?

This is the first time a team from Wekweètì has participated in the Walk to Tuk!!!