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Team Highlight: Never Too Old

 February 27, 2017
Posted by NWT Recreation and Parks Association

Never Too Old is a team based out of Fort Simpsons Elders Care Home.

Can you briefly describe your team?

Never Too Old is a team based out of Fort Simpsons Elders Care Home.  We have 11 elders that are residents and 9 staff members.

Why is your team participating in Walk to Tuk?

Many of our residents walk every day to and from the store or home.  The staff work 12 hour shifts and are up walking a majority of that but generally only count 2 hours towards WTT.  This Elders Care Home is very encouraging when it comes to mobilizing and understanding the importance of walking and keeping in shape.

What does your team like most about Walk to Tuk?

When asked what the team likes most we say getting outside and being motivated to walk even when the days are short and cold, plus everybody loves the t-shirt!

What is one thing you would tell others about Walk to Tuk?

When people who are not on a WTT team or have never heard of it ask what it’s about, I’d say it the perfect way to get through the hardest part of winter in the north, and it brings community’s together, and makes you feel like you are part of a team.

What is one random fact about your team?

A fun fact and the reason why I named our team Never Too Old, is the majority of the team is over the age of 60, the oldest being 92!