Media Release – In 8th Year, Walk to Tuk Helps More NWT Residents to Become Active Than Ever Before

 March 1, 2018
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Today, the NWTRPA announced the end of Walk to Tuk. This year 4404 people in 310 teams, from 28 NWT communities participated in the challenge.


(Yellowknife, NT – March 1, 2018) – Today, the NWT Recreation and Parks Association (NWTRPA) announced the end of Walk to Tuk, the popular annual community walking challenge. This year 4404 people in 310 teams, from 28 NWT communities participated in the challenge. This represents an over 20% increase in participation from 2017. Of the participating teams, 235 made it to Tuktoyaktuk, while another 56 made it back to Fort Providence, logging a grand total of 729,802 kilometers.

During Walk to Tuk, the NWTRPA received over 180 photos and videos from participants documenting their journey, submitted in three categories: Frosty Faces, Beautiful Places and Dog Walk to Tuk. The organization also received stories from participants recounting the struggles and triumphs they encountered along the way, and the impact the challenge has made on their lives.

“We have heard so many stories of how Walk to Tuk started someone on a path towards a healthier lifestyle or helped them bond with their teammates or revealed to them the beauty of their community in the wintertime,” Said Sheena Tremblay, Director – Active Communities at the NWTRPA. “It is so inspiring to hear that the challenge has had a positive effect on the lives of so many.”

On average, each Walk to Tuk participant accumulated 292 minutes of weekly exercise, which is nearly double the 150 minutes recommended in the Canadian Physical Activity Guidelines. Calculated as hours of exercise, Walk to Tuk participants collectively spent over 174,238 hours walking during January and February.

“As a family and as a couple, we have more time to talk because we spend more time together walking,” Said Kara Cherland, member of the Yellowknife-based Team ‘Circus’. “Another bonus is being able to enjoy our surroundings. I mean it’s so wonderful to see the beauty of our winter on a regular basis. It really is breathtaking!”

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