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Help Us Bring Walk to Tuk to EVERY SINGLE NWT Community!

 January 8, 2018
Posted by NWT Recreation and Parks Association

The deadline to register for Walk to Tuk 2018 is fast approaching, but there are still seven communities that have yet to sign up a team. Currently, over 75 percent of NWT communities have teams participating, but we don’t want a single community to miss out.

Which regions are leading the way? The Beaufort Delta region has participation from every single community! No other region can say that! Not yet, at least! Both the Sahtu and Dehcho regions are only waiting on two more communities to sign up a team! Will those communities sign up before next Monday? We hope so!

We also have the goal of having a school team from every single community. At the moment 13 communities have participating school teams, so there is still a ways to go.

Want to help us achieve these goals? Encourage your friends, colleagues, and teachers to form a team for Walk to Tuk. Especially, if you know someone from a community that has not yet signed up, give them some friendly encouragement to take the plunge. Let’s try and get the entire NWT Walking to Tuk this winter!

Register at the link below before January 15, 2018.