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Great Walk to Tuk Team Names

 February 20, 2017
Posted by NWT Recreation and Parks Association

Over the years we’ve been impressed with the creativity of Walk to Tuk team names. This year is no exception!

Giving your team a unique name definitely helps to distinguish it from the pack. It was not an easy choice but here are 10 team names that stood out to us (in no particular order):

  1. What the Tuk
    “What the Tuk” is participating in Walk to Tuk for the third year in a row. They are a group of coworkers from the Department Education Culture and Employment of the Government of the Northwest Territories. “We participate to boost morale in the winter and foster team connections.”
  2. Pingo is our Nameo
    “Pingo is our Nameo” is comprised of the Rehab Department at the Inuvik hospital plus a few additional Inuvik residents. One of the Occupational Therapists came up with the name and it stuck! Although everyone leads very busy lives some team members have found time to walk together. “The challenge has definitely helped us be motivated to get out in the snow and cold this winter. We hope to lead by example!”
  3. Keep on Tuking
    This grade 4/5 class team from Mangilaluk School in Tuktoyaktuk tries to walk as a team at least once a week. They use Walk to Tuk to learn about goal setting, social studies and math. Each week they look at how many minutes they’ve logged and try walk even further the next week.
  4. The Untukables
    This is a community team from Hay River. Most team members work for the Department of Transportation. They are untukable!
  5. Snow Big Deal
    Snow Big Deal is a corporate team from Stantec in Yellowknife. “Snow big deal for us. We love to get outside and push the darkness into the light. A little stiff competition goes along way. All the way to Tuk!”
  6. Xaye Sa Háæá
    This name comes from the Chipewyan words for Winter Sunrise. Xaye = Winter, Sa háæá =Sunrise. “We are a mix of family friends participating in Walk to Tuk for the first time.”
  7. Deh Gah Ketsetle
    Deh Gah Ketsetle is a community team from Fort Providence who just want to get out, walk and stay active! Deh Gah Ketsetle means river walkers in South Slavey.
  8. Walkwalka and Walka Walka Walka
    Walkawalka is a motley crew of lovely people who are keen to walk, run, and move in other ways to get to Tuk! We are based out of: Inuvik (x11), Tuktoyaktuk (x2), Whitehorse (x2), Campbell River (x1), Edmonton (x2), and St. Catherine’s (x1).
    Walka Walka Walka is a team comprised of family and friends who love to stay active 🙂
  9. Holey Mukluk Batman
    There is lots of competitions between this team to see who walks the most! One team member even walks laps around the office at noon taunting others as they walk. This team is a group of coworkers from the Department of Justice mostly from Corrections Services Division who are participating for the second year in a row.
  10. Energetic Potatoes
    This team is a grade 5/6 French immersion class in Inuvik from East Three Elementary School. 11 students are determined to complete the Walk to Tuk Challenge!

What team names are you’re favourites?