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Track Your Team’s Progress Easily with Google Sheets

 January 16, 2019
Posted by NWT Recreation and Parks Association

Walk to Tuk Team Captains, are you overwhelmed with the large number of emails you get from team members reporting their walking times? If there was an easy way to track your team’s minutes, with little work on your part, would you do it?

Luckily, there is. Google Sheets. Google Sheets is an online program similar to Excel Spreadsheets that allows you to input and track information. Once you’ve created a Google Sheet, it’s also easy to share it with anyone you like. By using Google Sheets you allow your team members to see, access and update their walking minutes. All you have to do is tally up the total and submit it on the website every two weeks. Sounds pretty good, right? Here’s how to get started:

First, you need a have or create a Google account. You can create an account by clicking HERE.  If you have a Gmail, you already have a Google account, though you can create a Google account without having a Gmail account. A Google account is really just a unified sign-in system that gives you access to Google programs, including Google Drive, Google Docs, Google Sheets, and Google Slides. You can connect any email address to a Google account. Note, only team captains need a Google account to do this, not team members.

Second, you need to open the Walk to Tuk team tracking spreadsheets in Google Sheets and create your own copy. Here are the steps you must to take to do this:

  1. Sign in to your google account.
  2. Come back to this page and click on one of the links below appropriate for your team size.
  3. The Team Tracking Spreadsheet will open in Google Sheets. Note, you cannot use or edit this document. This is the template that you will copy to create your own spreadsheet. To make a copy, click on the File tab in the top left corner and then click Make a Copy.
  4. Google will allow you to give a name to your sheet and choose where you would like to save it. The default location is My Drive, which is fine for most people.
  5. A sheet will open up. This is your team’s tracking sheet, which you will use to track their progress. Add your team member’s names to the spreadsheet.
  6. Now you are ready to share the sheet with you team members. Click on File tab in top left corner, then click on Share.
  7. A small white box will appear and in that box a small text field with the text “Enter names or email addresses”. In this box, enter all your team’s email addresses. Double check that the box just to the right of this text field show a pencil icon and that when you click on the icon, the “can edit” option is selected.
  8. Once you add an email address, a box will appear where you can add a message to the people you are sharing the sheet with. Here’s an example of a message you could write: “This is the sheet that we will use to track our walking times during Walk to Tuk. Enter your times into this sheet every other week so that I can submit the team’s times.”
  9. When you’ve finished entering in your team’s email addresses and written out your message, there is one more thing to do. Copy a link to the tracking sheet so that you can find it again. To do this, click on the Get Shareable Link icon in the top right of the small white box. A new text field should appear with the link to your tracking sheet. Double check that the drop down menu just above the link is selecting the Can edit option, then click the Copy link
  10. Once the link has been copied, paste it somewhere safe and easy to remember so that you can find it and come back to it later. There are other ways to find your tracking sheet other than using the link, but it is the easiest.
  11. Click the Send button at the bottom of the small white box.
  12. You’re done! All of your team members should receive an email with a link to the tracking sheet. You might just have to remind them to update their times every two weeks before the submission deadline.

*if a team member does not a google account you won’t be able to see who made edits on the spreadsheet.