• Eunice Nasogaluak (Photo_Winnie Gruben)

Thoughts from Eunice

 December 21, 2018
Posted by NWT Recreation and Parks Association

Eunice Nasogaluak, from Tuktoyaktuk, thinks that being active is important to living well.

In October, Eunice Nasogaluak received the NWTRPA Active Elder Award at the 2018 NWTRPA Awards Banquet. While Walk to Tuk is just one of the many ways Eunice stays active in her community, she really enjoys the Walk to Tuk event. This year will be Eunice’s 4th year participating in Walk to Tuk! We caught up with Eunice to ask her what she loves about the event.
What is one highlight for you from Walk to Tuk? 

The second year I did Walk to Tuk, I walked over 100, 000 steps and lost weight! I would take the long way around to the Northern Store in my community and had the step counter to help me keep track of all those steps. I don’t think I’ve made it to 100,000 steps any other year.
What do you like about Walk to Tuk?

It is great incentive. I also like that you can exercise, get fresh air, and lose weight all at the same time.  The best thing is that all ages can join in. It’s for everybody. It’s ageless!
How many years have you done Walk to Tuk?

This will be my fourth year doing Walk to Tuk and I always have a blast. Even after having knee surgery this year, I am doing Walk to Tuk again. I’m excited for it. It’s good exercise! Every year I join a team with the school where I teach Inuvialuktun and share traditional culture with the young people in the community.
Do you walk with your family?

I use to walk with my son, Leslie, when my knee was better. We did it together. He is fast and walks everywhere, everyday! I think he has probably walked to Mexico by now. I also walk with my niece and enjoy chatting when we walk together.
To learn more about Eunice and how she gives back to her community, check out our Awards Page and watch the Awards Presentation Slideshow on our YouTube channel!