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Team Highlight: Circus

 February 1, 2018
Posted by NWT Recreation and Parks Association

Participating in Walk to Tuk as a team of four is no easy task, each member has to walk a great deal further to keep up with bigger teams. But team Circus were up to the challenge. Here’s what each team member had to say about their experiences during Walk to Tuk.

Scott Jordison – Circus Team Leader

This is my first time participating in Walk to Tuk. I have known about it for a number of years – I even had a hand me down “I walked to Tuk” t-shirt. Like many things I get involved in, I jumped in with both feet. Instead of joining or creating a team with lots of other people I decided we could do this as a family of 4 and I would do half of all of the kilometers.

This isn’t as brash of a move as it might seem. I have been working up to this moment for about a year. I have shed 60 pounds during that time and gone from couch to regular 5K runs. Walk to Tuk seemed like the perfect opportunity to continue my push.

And it is working. One month in and we are still on track. Not ahead of schedule, but on track. It has had its ups and downs. I recently told my wife that I can’t walk to Tuk – I don’t have time – I have to run to Tuk. Life has gotten a little crazier because of this commitment but we plan on seeing it through and reaping the benefits.

My wife and kids are embracing it to and we have been much less reliant on our car as a result – the city is feeling smaller. It’s only 4 km to the Co-op across Frame Lake, who knew? Walk to Tuk was in the right place at the right time for me and I thank the organizers.

Kara Cherland – Circus Team Member:

This is officially my second time Walking to Tuk but it really feels like a first for so many reasons. A few years ago I was part of a larger group and while it was a great motivator to get more active I did not really need to make any big changes to my routine. I just got out a bit more.

This year my husband suggested we sign up as a family  – just the four of us. Well… I agreed, as we are both committed to making large lifestyle changes, and off we went. I set out to take on 1/4 of the distance and would help the kids meet their shared 1/4, while hubby would pull in the other 1/2.

I’ll admit to not giving things that much thought until it came time to begin the challenge. Then came the perspective shift (Lightbulb moment!!). We can just walk to the places we already have to go!

I will honestly admit that I had never before even considered walking my children to their gymnastics classes or a medical appointment or to school to pick up a friend, much less walk them to these places in the dead of winter! I mean Yellowknife is not that big a place but the distances just seemed too far, for me let alone the kids. 3km from our house to the gymnastics club is a fair distance. Having an intense physical class following that walk for the kids seemed like a lot to ask. For me, it meant double duty, of course, because after dropping off, I still needed to get back to the house. Crazy thing was we just tried it. To my total surprise, it wasn’t that bad.

And funny enough, the more activities walked to rather than driving, the easier it got to figure out how to manage the need for more time and the easier it got to keep going. It was pretty amazing!

Other benefits followed too. Now as a family and as a couple, we have more time to talk because we spend more time together! Another bonus is being able to really enjoy our surroundings.I mean it’s so wonderful to see the beauty of our winter, on a regular basis. It really is breathtaking!

Tonight’s full moon rising at the 4:30 sunset was absolutely gorgeous and I know I would have  likely missed it in previous years.Today I just feasted my eyes (from the slit between my many layers 🙂 and felt happy to be enjoying such a sight on a nice long walk.What a thing to add to a day!

So THANK YOU  “Walk to Tuk” for the inspiring challenge!!

Zefer Jordison – Circus Team Member

Walking to Tuk

When we started, me and my family, walking was hard. It was

very hard because we were used to driving. We would drive to

gymnastics and we would drive to dance. So when we started I

thought it was going to be impossible. I had already told myself that I

couldn’t do it because it felt too far and too cold but I did it anyways.

Then it got easer. I felt better, I felt stronger and I felt more alive than ever.

I got to see sunsets, I got spend more time with my family and

I got to see things that I wouldn’t have seen if I stayed in the car.

Walking to Tuk has opened a new and different experience for me and I am


Janelle Jordison – Circus Team Member

Walk to Tuk is one of my home schooling projects. I am learning about history and communities along the Mackenzie River and I also learned that Google Spreadsheets exists.
Well, it wasn’t that fun at the beginning because I always had to go outside even if I didn’t want to. I did get to spend more time with my family, got to see lots of sunsets, there is less pollution in the air because we are not driving, and it is good for us because we get lots of exercise. I guess it is not all that bad.