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SSi: They are Walking to Tuktoyaktuk

 December 10, 2018
Posted by NWT Recreation and Parks Association


The annual Walk to Tuk event has been an excellent team building activity for many of us here at SSi.  Our two main offices are in Yellowknife and Ottawa, but we also have staff working in satellite locations from Nova Scotia to British Columbia. The Walk to Tuk is a great way to unite us in a common cause.  Not only are we promoting personal wellness and a healthy work environment, we are also participating as a north-south-east-west team, pushing further every day to achieve our final goal.

During the last two years’ events, both offices organized group lunchtime walks, which were so popular that they have become regular lunchtime walks throughout the year.  Many of our walkers have taken it even further and adopted improved eating and lifestyle habits.  As a result, SSi now has a number of slimmer, stronger and happier employees!

It’s also important to note that SSi’s roots date back over 50 years to Fort Providence, the theoretical starting point of the Walk.  SSi actually stands for “Snowshoe Inn”, the family business that still operates in Fort Providence today.  By participating in the Walk to Tuk, it reminds us all of this important connection to our company’s history.

David Veniot
Manager, Communications
SSi   People, Ideas, Technology 


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