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Meet the Parkies

 February 24, 2019
Posted by NWT Recreation and Parks Association

We caught up with the Parkies in Inuvik to chat about the team’s history, name, and how participating in Walk to Tuk brings their coworkers together.

L to R back row: Michael Blyth, Haleigh Conway, Mervin Joe, Paden Lennie, and Sasha Olekshy.
L to R front row: Cindy Baryluk, Michelle Clyde, Melissa Lennie, and Colleen Arnison.

The team has been together for about three years with Cindy Baryluk, Executive Assistant and Human Resources, as the captain. She said that before the team formed, many Parks Canada employees were members of other teams. Someone pointed out to her that a lot of her workmates were spread around, so why not form one team at work?

We asked Cindy about how the team name came to be.  She said that often, employees of Parks Canada are affectionately known as Parkies. “Choosing the name the very first year, we had a meeting, and we talked about possible names. Parkies just stuck because it’s what we’re known as!”  It is also fitting since a significant part of traditional attire in the Beaufort Delta is a Parka, also known as a Parkie.

Cindy encourages coworkers to meet up and participate in her internal bi-weekly emails. It provides an opportunity for workmates to have a common experience that’s not necessarily work-related.  It also allows for coworkers outside of town to join, like Sharon Green from Sachs Harbour. The event is great for team building, said Michelle Clyde, External Relations Manager and Parkies team member. Even though people may be walking independently, it’s a collective effort that’s fun, and teammates get satisfaction knowing that their time is contributing to the group’s goal.  Cindy also notes that people will get together for a “walking break” around town which brings people together too.

Every year, Cindy gets more than 20 people interested in being on the Parkies’ team, so people need to act quickly to become members!  Maybe next year the Parks Canada office in Inuvik will have more than one team and they will be able to race each other!