Invite an Elder or Senior to Walk to Tuk

 December 19, 2017
Posted by smiklosovic

Do you have an Elder or senior on your Walk to Tuk team? Recruit one to walk with you.

Walking is one of the best exercises for seniors and Elders. It is especially beneficial for those who are sedentary or new to exercise.

Some benefits of walking for older adults include:
• Improved heart health. Getting your heart rate up on a daily basis leads to a reduction in the risk for high blood pressure and high cholesterol, and it can improve the function the lungs.
• Reduced risk of joint pain. Studies have shown that walking helps reduce some pain due to chronic conditions like arthritis.
• Help in lowering blood sugar which is an important consideration for diabetics.
• Reduced risk of muscle loss. There is a natural tendency for our body to lose muscle as we age. If you don’t use your muscles you can lose your muscles!
• Increased muscle strength, flexibility and sense of balance, all of which reduce the risk of falls.
• Strengthened bones. Stronger bones are less likely to be stressed or broken in the event of a fall.
• Promotes social engagement. Walking offers a great way to visit with a friend, family member or a Walk to Tuk teammate.
• Boosted mental health. A daily walk can help you feel more positive about life.