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Woof, Walk, and Wag Your Way to Tuk!

 January 30, 2018
Posted by NWT Recreation and Parks Association


My name is Michelle and I am the team captain of the “NWTSPCA WoofWalkWag” Walk to Tuk team. Our team includes NWTSPCA staff members and volunteers. This is the first year that the NWTSPCA has formed a Walk to Tuk team. Many find this surprising because the most common daily activity at the NWTSPCA is… you guessed it… dog walking! So this year, we thought it would be interesting to see how far our dog walking can take us!

Getting outside and getting walking is easy for us at the NWTSPCA because our shelter dogs such a great source of motivation. They don’t care what the weather is outside. They are genuinely happy every time they are taken out for a walk and have the chance to interact with people on the trail. Some of the dogs are even lucky enough to go on day trips – a great way for them to get in some extra fun and activity!

If you live in or near Yellowknife and have been postponing being active for whatever reason, we challenge you to attend a dog walking orientation and become dog walker with the NWTSPCA. Something as simple as a walk can mean so much to a shelter dog and bring them so much happiness, all the while getting you to be active at the same time!

One of our team members said “It’s more fun being active when you’ve got a buddy with you!” And at the NWTSPCA, we believe the best buddies are covered in fur! So, come on out to the NWTSPCA and I bet we can find you the best walking buddy anyone could ask for! If you aren’t in Yellowknife, organize a local dog walking group – a great way to meet other people and other dogs in your community!

P.S. One more great reason to get outside with a fury friend? They have the best frosty faces!!

Have photos of you and your pooch out walking to Tuk? We’d love to see them! Send them to admin@nwtrpa.org or share publicly on social media, making sure to tag @nwtrpa or include the hashtag #walktotuk.