What Counts Towards Walk to Tuk?

 January 8, 2018
Posted by ryoung

You may be wondering what types of activity besides walking counts towards your team goal of walking to Tuk.  Here are a few guidelines that we hope will help. Activity must be:

  • In bouts of at least 15 continuous minutes – This means that five minutes of walking, here and there, throughout the day does not count.
  • Moderate to vigorous intensity aerobic physical activity – This means the activity may cause you to sweat and be ‘out of breath’. Your heart rate should increase when exercising.

In addition to walking, here are examples of activities that CAN count towards Walk to Tuk:

  • Jogging
  • Cross-country skiing
  • Snow Shoeing
  • Biking
  • Lane Swimming

Examples of activities that CANNOT be counted towards Walk to Tuk *:

  • Yoga
  • Hockey
  • Cleaning
  • Snowmobiling
  • Weight Lifting

Also, talk to your team captain about what exercises you want to do with your team.

Please check with a medical professional if you are new to exercise, or have any questions or concerns about your health or plan to start more vigorous activity.

Click here for the Canadian Physical Activity Guidelines.

*we acknowledge these are all great examples of physical activity however they cannot be counted towards Walk to Tuk