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Community Feature: Tulít’a

 February 11, 2019
Posted by NWT Recreation and Parks Association

This week we are featuring another community along the Walk to Tuk route: welcome to Tulít’a!

Tulít’a means ‘where the waters meet’ in Dene language and is located where the Sahtú Dé (Great Bear River) drains into the Dehcho. One of the more prominent features that you will see from the community is Kweteniɂaá (Bear Rock) a rock highland over the Dehcho and Sahtú Dé that is an important site in Dene legends.

Nearly 500 people live in Tulít’a today and it is home to an arena, community hall, health centre, school, and Northern store. Many events happen here, including a large, annual handgames tournament in September. If you plan on visiting the community, you have a few options. You can travel by air year-round, by boat along the Dehcho in the summer, or in the winter you can also drive on the winter road from the South, from Fort Simpson and Wrigley, or from the North from Norman Wells.

Tulít’a has two Walk to Tuk teams this year, Meandering Moose and Tulít’a Hustlers, and you can find many people out walking at all times of day!

For more information on Tulít’a, check out the Sahtú Renewables Resources Board website or visit the Spectacular NWT website.