Yellowknife Recreation North Training Program: In-Person Learning Events

 October 11, 2018
Posted by smiklosovic

We will cover RF 101 – Introduction to Recreation Foundations on November 20.
This learning event introduces the basics of recreation and how it benefits individual, community, and environmental well-being. After exploring the foundations of recreation, you will be able to promote recreation as an essential and relevant service in your community.

On November 21, we will cover RL 101 – Identify Your Own Leadership Strengths. This learning event explains leadership as a personal journey that reflects culture and community. Learn more about your strengths and identify strategies for personal growth. As a recreation leader, model positive behaviours that encourage health and well-being.

We will also review Moodle – the software that is used for our online learning events.

To register head here.

Community: Yellowknife
Dates: November 20 and 21, 2018
Times: 9:30 AM – 4 PM
Cost: $45/Learning Event